Cadfael Press Acclaim


“As a bit of an avid Cadfael fan I am delighted to be able to report that Richard Walsh’s portrayal of the medieval detective is utterly note perfect. He was a joy to watch from start to finish adding a layer of subtle wry humour to the wise, shrewd and honourable Cadfael. This is a great show… well done to all involved.”
Lichfield Gazette

“If you like some murky mystery, a bit of cut-throat action, atmospheric settings and a touching love interest get on down to the Garrick…. you’re in for a treat.”

“The action flows from manor to priory, town to castle… I was gripped from start to finish. The acting was first-class, particularly from Gareth Thomas… a piece of theatre that is unlike any other I’ve seen.”
Worthing Herald

“It would be a fair bet they [The audience] all loved Middle Ground Theatre Company’s production of this wonderful tale. The play bowls along at a splendid pace… an inventive multi-layered set and effective lighting, coupled with strong cast performances, make this a really good evening out”
Maidenhead Advertiser

“Excellent sets, lighting and music… Cadfael is convincingly played by veteran actor Gareth Thomas”
Birmingham Mail

“Gareth Thomas portrays Brother Cadfael perfectly, his wonderful honeyed tones help with the narration… the music throughout is glorious, and it’s worth a trip to the show purely for this”

“A very clever staging, using elaborate props and sets, music, sound and media… very convincing performances… Gareth Thomas is a very fine Cadfael”

“The play had everything you could hope for – captivating characters, a tantalizing storyline, an unexpected twist towards the end and exceptionally well-constructed fight scenes… Gareth Thomas’s portrayal reflected the wit, intelligence and comedy of Cadfael almost perfectly”
Guildford Magazine

“Entertaining and engaging…Gareth Thomas was totally believeable.. an ice-cool performance” Derby Press

“Ellis Peter’s atmospheric tale… compelling entertainment ”

“Inspired and ambitious… [the cast’s] combined on-stage talents are enhanced by the wonderful efforts of the backstage crew, who manage to make sure the live action and filmed sequences intertwine seamlessly, amid the realistic sets and lurid sound effects.”
Fulham Chronicle

“The simple but clever set and scenery established the bitter winter… The part of Cadfael was excellently portrayed by Gareth Thomas… he held the audience and conveyed the emotions of a man who had, in his time, seen war, love, the world as well as the monastery”

“It is unlikely you will find a play quite like this on the touring circuit. In the hands of Middle Ground Theatre Company, celebrating it’s 25th anniversary this year, it makes an impact and deserves a look.”

Gareth Thomas & Hannah Burton

Gareth Thomas & Hannah Burton

Tom Kanji & Christopher Berry

Tom Kanji & Christopher Berry

The Virgin In The Ice

The Virgin In The Ice