Dial M For Mayhem

Dial M For Mayhem By Margaret May Hobbs

A new comedy drama written by Margaret May Hobbs.  Directed and designed by Michael Lunney.  

STARRING  Alasdair Baker, Isabella Inchbald, Eliza Langland, Joey Lockhart, Luke Rhodri and Theo Woolford

Middle Ground Theatre Company Ltd is delighted to present the World Stage Premiere of Dial M For Mayhem, a brand new charming farcical comedy drama from the author and director of the hugely successful courtroom phenomenon The Verdict.

A rollicking comical and poignant yarn set in 1991 of a group of travelling players from south of the Scottish border as they conquer the beautiful unforgiving landscape of the Highlands and Islands village hall circuit to bring those remote tranquil communities Frederick Knott’s classic 1950’s thriller Dial M For Murder.

Set against a backdrop of the unpredictable Scottish weather, complete with internal company squabbling, the antics of a shepherd and his TV watching sheep dog, a flatulent ageing soap star, a long lost caber tossing love, add to the mix a twinkle-eyed AA man and a missing child’s pet black rat called Norman and the scene is gleefully set for back stage chaos and laugh-out loud hilarity of the play within the play!

Praise for writer Margaret May Hobbs and director Michael Lunney on “The Verdict”: 
“This beautifully crafted and fast paced script… Margaret May Hobbs has aced it” BATH MAGAZINE 5 STARS

“Rarely do we get to see such engaging drama on stage and I urge you to get along to Malvern this week whilst you have the opportunity… enthralling.” MALVERN OBSERVER 5 STARS

Dial M For Mayhem Artwork by Catherine Dolan Fine Art