Classic Ghosts Press Acclaim


“A triumph”
Birmingham Mail

“Everything about Middle Ground’s double bill is classic. The best of Gothic ghoul-school writers, imaginative staging and a gifted cast… expect to be shocked in your seat, and to feel your spine tingle.” 
Gloucestershire Echo

“Has the S Factor – it’s slick, spooky and superb. Breathtaking sets…special effects are stunning.. Classic Ghosts is a first-class piece of theatre and Jack Shepherd is as dyamic as ever. FIVE STARS”
Wirral Globe

“A superb night at the Opera House… Shepherd and Hardiman committed themselves to their roles with relish… caused the entire audience to simultaneously jump and cry out… Director Michael Lunney knows how to deliver an effective fright”
Jersey Evening Post

“Filled with forboding…you can’t tear your eyes away. The cast of experienced actors were uncannily good and the set was superb. The staging was pitched at just the right level of darkness to completely unnerve the audience.”
Maidenhead Advertiser

“Perfect performances…impressively scary… One particular moment had some in the audience shrieking with fear. This double bill of thrills, so expertly crafted by the cast and crew, is a perfect way to while away a January evening.”

“Atmospherically spooky…makes a joke of the phrase ‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ Very natural, believeable performances… the perfect way to spend a cold February evening”
Wolverhampton Express & Star

“It was hard not to revel in the interplay between seasoned actors Jack Shepherd and Terrance Hardiman.. Classic Ghosts is an unsettling treat. 4 STARS”
Liverpool Echo

“Works a treat… the stellar cast put in a top performance”

“Excellent sets and a clever synthesis of high tech projection and good old-fashioned stage-craft. The stories are classic and their presentation immensely authentic and atmospheric. The writers knew what they were doing and so does Middle Ground Theatre Company “
Virtual Shropshire

“Expertly executed… genuinely unnerving and skilfully conveyed”
Daily Post

“A well-executed mix of technical wizardry, lighting, costumes and an engrossing performance from the leads… draws to a terrifying crescendo eliciting gasps from the crowd”
North Wales Pioneer

“Ghost stories demand atmosphere and this touring production has it in spades…a lovely piece of classic gothic theatre”
East Angian Daily Times

“A spine-tingling treat… I was jumping out of my seat. It certainly convinced me more than The Woman In Black”
Hemel Hempstead Gazette

“Mesmerising…A challanging transition from page to stage, this contempory portrayal of a traditional tale ultimately proved a triumph… a gripping production”
Life Magazine

“Middle Ground’s production values shine through… the ending is sublime, with a final twist that runs a tingle right up your legs. That’s when you know you’ve had your money’s worth”
Essential Surrey

“The Devonshire Park hosts many fine performances, but few match the pitch-perfect acting, set design, costumes, lighting design and special effects in this production”
Eastbourne Herald

“To see such acting and such suspense in Eastbourne is a real treat and the test of a good ghost story is to make you go home scared of your own shadow. This production definitely passes the test”
Sussex Express

“Slickly directed… classy… had this been a Broadway show the very impressive set would have received applause when the curtain went up. Michael Lunney deserves to take a bow for this… breathtaking stuff!”




Jack Shepherd & Terrence Hardima

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