Middle Ground Alumni

Welcome to Middle Ground Theatre Company’s Alumni. We’ve had the great privilege of working with many wonderful people over the years, and it is simply not possible to feature everybody here. So we’ve concentrated on some of the better-known names to pass through our doors as well as those people who have worked with us a number of times – we hope you enjoy looking through the selection. Please note the website is currently being updated and more names will be added in the coming weeks.


  • Alan Leith

    Alan Leith

    The Holly & the Ivy (2005-14)

  • Sally Sanders

    Sally Sanders

    Billy Liar (2009/10), The Holly & the Ivy (2008-14)

  • Lynette Webster

    Lynette Webster

    Various 2007 – present

  • Gordon Price

    Gordon Price

    Various 1990 – 1994

  • Ross Davidson

    Ross Davidson

    Far From The Madding Crowd (2003)

  • Hildegard Neil

    Hildegard Neil

    The Holly & the Ivy (2013/14)

  • Dean Smith

    Dean Smith

    The Holly & the Ivy (2013/14)

  • Rebecca Dite

    Rebecca Dite

    An Ideal Husband (2000), The Holly & the Ivy (2002/03)

  • Cathy Sabberton

    Cathy Sabberton

    Various 1999-2003

  • Lorraine Parsloe

    Lorraine Parsloe

    Gaslight (1992) & Soe Well I Love Thee (1995)

  • Jenny May Darcy

    Jenny May Darcy

    Cadfael (2013) & Classic Ghosts (2014)

  • Greg Fitch

    Greg Fitch

    Cadfael (2013) & Classic Ghosts (2014)