Tunes of Glory Press Acclaim


“A Triumph… this production is a cracker. Unrepentantly old-fashioned, splendidly staged and acted, and absolutely gripping. You leave the theatre feeling both shaken and stirred.” 
Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

Glorious revival… impressive… wonderful acting… extraordinarily persuasive performances…McGugan and Ryecart are both exceptional… I can’t imagine how Lunney and his colleagues have done it.” 
Birmingham Post

Quality drama of the highest order… absorbing and immensely satisfying… Michael Lunney has done a superlative job in creating a fabulous, visually impressive piece of theatre which exploits the talents of its 15-strong cast to the full. McGugan and Ryecart are nothing short of perfect… theatre does not get much better than this: state-of-the art projection techniques, subtle lighting and seamless transitions combine to create an absorbing work” 
South Wales Evening Post

Michael Lunney’s dramatisation was the finest piece of theatre I have ever seen at this venue… all the grace, dignity and heroism of a shakespearean tragedy” 
Somerset County Gazette

A mammoth production with an amazing set based on Edinburgh Castle, fine costumes, haunting original score and film interludes makes for a stunning theatrical experience” 
The Big Issue

Excellent production…Riveting… both leading roles are given towering performances… theres a large cast, every one of which is completely convincing. Tunes of Glory is an old-fashioned play with strong characters, a strong story line and an ending which has real impact. I only wish there were more like it.” Surrey Advertiser

Middle Ground Theatre Company make a triumphant return to the Devonshire Park Theatre with a wonderful adaptation… there are masterful performances by Patrick Ryecart and Stuart McGugan with the fine and large supporting cast complimenting the leads remarkably with not a weak link amongst them… clever use of film… Michael Lunney adapts, designs and directs this magnificent drama and manages very successfully to bring a brilliant film to the stage” 
Eastbourne Herald

Glorious drama… excellent and ambitious …superb performances…with a fine supporting cast, excellent sets and inventive and effective use of video footage, this is another fine piece of work form director, designer and actor Michael Lunney” 
Daily Echo

Even though it is only February I think we have already watched the Gaiety Stage drama for the year 2006. “Tunes of Glory” is a masterful piece of theatre, the high quality acting of the whole company together with superb period sets make the whole evening an event to cherish. I don’t know what two steps up from first class acting is, but I have witnessed it tonight in “Tunes of Glory”. Surely London’s West End theatres must soon be fighting over this quality product from Middle Ground Theatre Company.” 
Manx Radio

A highly winning production, as heartfelt as its source novel and as powerfully affecting as its cinematic elder … an extraordinary piece of work” 
Manx Tails Magazine

An inspirational staging and strong cast… a large and impressive set draws the audience into a class-ridden, rank-conscious world… plenty of power and passion.” 
Farnham herald

Middle Ground’s adaptation is committed and focused. Every last detail is perfect. This passion for perfection seeps into the audience and you are aware that you are in the presence of a troupe who care very deeply about getting it right” 
Theatreworld Internet Magazine

An excellent production, convincingly staged and performed” 
The Journal

What an ambitious project…a tremendous challange, and Michael Lunney has risen to it with flair and imagination… the show was powerful and dramatic and characters were strongly and skillfully drawn, and expertly portrayed” 
The British Theatre Guide

Everything was spot-on, the army attitudes, rituals, uniforms, salutes. Attention to detail gave this well-paced production its depth, the fine acting gave it its edge… an absorbing production, right up to the shocking ending.Excellent.” 
Chester Chronicle

“James Kennaway’s classic was filmed in 1960 but here Middle Ground Theatre Company make a great job of the stage version by Michael Lunney. They bring out every nuance, played with full weight in the murky Scottish castle in peacetime winter… top rank performances from a cast of 15 …its the men in kilts who shine in this superb evolution from the acclaimed novel and screenplay” 
Saga Radio

“Film to play with military precision…The principals march boldly away from two famous cinema turns… a show enhanced by film footage, an eye for detail and actors who (a rare thing) make convincing soldiers”
Nottingham Evening Post


The cast of Tunes of Glory 2006


Dancing in the Officer’s Mess

Colonel Barrow & Charlie Scott

Jock Sinclair