Gallery The Importance of Being Earnest

  • Algernon and Earnest

    Algernon and Earnest

    With Jim Alexander and Tom Butcher

  • Algernon and Lady Bracknell

    Algernon and Lady Bracknell

    With Jim Alexander and Diane Fletcher

  • Earnest and Gwendolen

    Earnest and Gwendolen

    With Tom Butcher and Corrinne Wicks

  • The Handbag!

    The Handbag!

    With Tom Butcher, David Gooderson, Sarah Thomas, Jim Alexander and Sapphire Elia

  • Cecily & Miss Prism

    Cecily & Miss Prism

    With Pat Mackie and Zoie Kennedy

  • Lady Bracknell & Gwendolen

    Lady Bracknell & Gwendolen

    With Diane Fletcher and Corrinne Wicks

  • Algernon and Cecily

    Algernon and Cecily

    With Jim Alexander and Zoie Kennedy

  • Lane & Algernon

    Lane & Algernon

    With Gerry Hinks and Jim Alexander

  • Lady Bracknell, Gwendolen and Earnest

    Lady Bracknell, Gwendolen and Earnest

    With Fleur Chandler, Corrinne Wicks & Tom Butcher