The Verdict Photos

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  • Frank Galvin

    Frank Galvin

    With Jason Merrells

  • Galvin and Moe

    Galvin and Moe

    With Jason Merrells and Vincent Pirillo

  • The Courtroom

    The Courtroom

    With Jason Merrells

  • Concannon’s Briefing

    Concannon’s Briefing

    With (L-R) Nigel Barber, Jason Wilson, Dave Speck and Teresa Jennings

  • Galvin and Donna

    Galvin and Donna

    With Jason Merrells and Reanne Farley

  • Donna St Laurent

    Donna St Laurent

    With Reanne Farley

  • Moe and Dr Thompson

    Moe and Dr Thompson

    With Vincent Pirello and Okon Jones

  • Courtroom from Gallery

    Courtroom from Gallery

    Courtroom view from gallery

  • Galvin and Bishop Brophy

    Galvin and Bishop Brophy

    With Jason Merrells and Richard Walsh