The Verdict Photos

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  • The Oath

    The Oath

    With Jog Maher, Richard Walsh and Okon Jones

  • Galvin’s Office

    Galvin’s Office

    With Clive Mantle, Okon Jones and Jack Shepherd

  • Frank & Moe in Court

    Frank & Moe in Court

    With Jack Shepherd and Clive Mantle

  • Dr Crowley

    Dr Crowley

    With Michael Lunney, Richard Walsh and Jack Shepherd

  • Moe Katz and Mary Rooney

    Moe Katz and Mary Rooney

    With Jack Shepherd and Veronica Quilligan

  • Natalie Campanelli

    Natalie Campanelli

    With Eugenia Caruso and Richard Walsh

  • Meehan’s Bar 2

    Meehan’s Bar 2

    With Jog Maher, Michael Lunney and Marcus Knibbs

  • J Edward Concannon

    J Edward Concannon

    With Peter Harding

  • Galvin and Concannon

    Galvin and Concannon

    With Clive Mantle and Peter Harding